2014 YFCS Graduation a Huge Success

The Fall 2014 Graduation Commencement was held on Dec. 18, 2014 at the James B. Hunt Library. Eleven Master’s and 2 Certificate Students completed their academic program in Family Life and Youth Development.



Certificate Graduates:

David Brittain (Summer, 2014)

Velvet Tynall (Fall, 2014)


Master of Family Life and Youth Development:

Tiffany Bradberry (Summer, 2014)

Nada Elhertani (Summer, 2014)

Sandy Hall (Fall, 2014)

Katheryn Slaybaugh (Fall, 2014)

Christy Stickland (Fall, 2014)

Carina Surface (Fall, 2014)

Kathie Watkins (Fall, 2014)


 Master of Science

Megan Burroughs: (Spring, 2014)

Tara Baker (Spring, 2014)

Jennifer Rea (Fall, 2014)

Wanta Willis Trexler (Fall, 2014)


The Keynote addresses were provided by Muriel Summers, Principal of AB Combs Elementary and Co-Author of The Leader Within and D.J. Svododa, Creator of My Imagiville. Christy Strickland provided the address to the students and Dr. Joe Zublena delivered the address from the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences.


The day was celebrated with ice cream, cheers, and many shared stories. Congratulations, Class of 2014!