2016 National EFNEP Conference

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North Carolina’s Expanded Food and Nutrition Education Program’s (EFNEP’s) State Leadership Team recently attended the 2016 National EFNEP Conference. The success of the NC program was highlighted through two separate presentations, two posters, and leadership of the Southern Region and national committees. In addition to attending the conference, the team visited Capital Hill to share the report of impacts of the program. Pictured here in the Hall of the Cannon House Office Building are (right to left, front row) Suzanne van Rijn, Lisa Benavente, Shewana McSwain, Virginia New, (back row) Susan Chase, Lorelei Jones, Stephanie McDonald-Murray, and Judy D’Eredita. EFNEP is an outreach program of Cooperative Extension operated through NC State University and NC A & T State University. The program offers community nutrition education opportunities to low-income families with young children and low-income school-aged youth across North Carolina. The goals of the program are to improve dietary intake and physical activity of the family, food resource management skills, food safety skills, and decrease food insecurity. In every measure, the North Carolina program is at or above the national average.


In addition, Tony Benavente (not pictured), EFNEP’s Data Analyst, was recognized for his work on the review, revision, and redesign of the WebNEERS User Manual. WebNEERS is a national evaluation system for EFNEP. Tony has served on the review team for the past year and has been instrumental in assuring the integrity of program data analysis by the program. He has also been instrumental in helping to develop the manual for training data entry staff to effectively and efficiently use the system. Congratulations, Tony!