Cook Smart, Eat Smart Evaluation Published

Eating and preparing more meals at home is a big step towards eating healthy. A key indicator for quality of someone’s diet is who is cooking their food. Are they cooking it or is a fast food company cooking it? A barrier to cooking more meals at home is lack of cooking skills.CookSmartLogo
Cook Smart, Eat Smart was designed to teach basic cooking skills to help families eat and prepare more meals at home. An evaluation of the Cook Smart, Eat Smart program was recently published in the Journal of Family and Consumer Sciences (2014;106(4):39-46). Evaluation indicated that there was an increase in participants’ confidence in ability to perform basic cooking tasks after attending the program. The program was effective for improving food preparation and selection behaviors, including eaten smaller portions, making more meals at home, and increasing fruits and vegetables in a daily diet. Evidence was established that Cooperative Extension programs are excellent avenues of implementing cooking and nutrition programs in the community.