Family Life Coaching Association Formalized

Five family life coaching professionals convened a strategic planning retreat in New Hampshire in October, 2015 in the creation of a professional development organization for Family Life Coach Professionals. In attendance were Kim Allen of NC State University, Debbie Farr of Flourishing Families, Beth Gausman of Concordia University, Margaret Machara of Tennessee State University and Meghan Walter of UNC Chapel Hill. Attending via phone for a portion of the retreat were Tina Feigel of the Center for the Challenging Child, Scott Gardner of BYU Idaho University and Carole Gesme of Concordia University.

After nearly two years of convening remotely to identify the needs of family and parent coaches, the group met to create a vision, mission, and strategic goals.

Meghan Walter, Debbie Farr, Beth Gausman, Margaret Machara, & Kim Allen

Meghan Walter, Debbie Farr, Beth Gausman, Margaret Machara, & Kim Allen


Our vision is to elevate and lend credibility to the practice of family life coaching by serving as the collaborative center for the field.


Our mission is to create research-based, globally recognized credentials, training standards, and networking opportunities for family life coaches.


  1. Clearly define family life coaching
  2. Create global standards
  3. Create nationally recognized credentialing
  4. Create networking opportunities
  5. Organizational structure and sustainability

The group will continue to move forward the Family Life Coaching Association vision and mission. Anyone interested in joining the group should contact Kim Allen at or visit